Life Updates

Hey there! I haven't written a new post in a while and there were some things that have happened since the last time I was on here so I decided to update you all on what has been going on. Between birthdays, surgeries, and other events I thought ya'll would like to know what's been happening.
So, I finished my sophomore year of high school the 25th. Yay...guess that means I'm a junior now? On Memorial Day weekend, my family and I went to a military camp and watched a presentation and went through a museum and learned about some of the stuff that they do. The 5th of this month was one of my friends birthday and, since we have a long distance friendship, we didn't get to do anything but I still wanted to say happy birthday to her so Happy Birthday!! (You know who you are 😉) The 7th was my mom's birthday so that evening we went to go eat at Olive Garden and let me tell you, it was great! The 8th we had a fishing day at a local park with our church so I went with one of my brothers to support them. Yesterday (the 10th) I had my wisdom teeth removed and right after, my family and I, drove to Fort Worth. Last night we spent the night at a hotel and this morning we went to the zoo. I am writing this right as we get home so you can tell we've been pretty busy. I didn't get any pictures of anything recently and I apologize for slacking on posts. It's the summer so I should have more time to take pictures and write posts so be looking for those. So, here are my recent life updates. Thanks for reading! ♥



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