Christmas Wishlist 2018

Hello! Can you believe that Christmas is only in a few days?! The semester is over (hence why I finally have the chance to write a new post) and 2019 is right around the corner. Though I wanted to put up several holiday-themed posts this year, I decided that today I at least want to do one.

Though it is a little late to be making Christmas wishlists I still thought it would be fun to put up my wishlist for future reference. As I've done in the past, I want to put a disclaimer stating that I fully believe that gifts are not the reason for Christmas and they definitely should not be placed with higher importance than the birth of our savior Jesus. I also do not expect to be gifted these gifts, I just find it helpful and fun to look at other's wishlists and figured I would do the same.

Without further ado, here is my wishlist for 2018:

Books - Cultivate by Lara Casey, Everybody, Always by Bob Goff, and Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson are a few of the books I have on my list.

Money - Money is always nice to have, right? I can always use it to save and put towards some of my projects such as my business.

Design apps/software - I have many areas of interest and I have been wanting to work on some of them such as graphic design and having apps or software to do so would be fun to play around with.

Jewelry - I feel like I constantly wear the same jewelry every day and I would love to be able to add to my collection. I am definitely not asking for anything expensive just some basic pieces to switch things up. 

FabFitFun - I actually was gifted this last year and I loved it! I thought it was so fun to be able to try some new items that I probably wouldn't purchase myself as well as be surprised with the unexpected considering I did not know what it would include.

AirPods - I added this to my list but I do not expect to receive these knowing they are pricey. I added them in case I am able to purchase them later in the future.

I apologize for the lack of posts recently but know that I am not giving up, I just may take some breaks every now-and-then. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment your Christmas wishlist as I would love to read! ♥



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