Legal to drive (with a parent)

I'm just gonna go ahead and get into this. So it started raining (really hard) and we had arrived at the department of public safety and I had to run through it to get inside. I ended up inside but, I looked like I just got out of the shower.

I knew they were going to take my picture so I had spent a lot of time on my hair since I knew this picture was going to be with me for a while. That was a waste of time because it was soaking wet and looked like I got attacked by a raccoon. Anyway, so when they told me they were gonna take the picture I was crying inside (not really but, you get the picture). After taking an eyesight test and a written test (which I passed) I was handed my temporary permit. My picture was not horrible but not great either. After facing the fact that I can't change it and it is what it is, I took it and went home hoping that somehow if I keep looking at it, it could somehow change into something better (which it didn't). I just hope that you have had or will have a better experience than me. By the way, might I add, that I had missed my dance class because of it :)



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