One great summer week

This week was a good one. I got my braces off and I got to see see my best friend that I hadn't seen in a long time.
To start the week off, on Tuesday I got my braces off which I have had on for almost two years. I was really excited to get them off so I already had a good feeling about the week. Then, on Wednesday, my best friend from my hometown came and stayed with me that night. We didn't do much but, it was still a lot of fun. Early on Thursday, her parents came and picked us up and took us to Sea world in San Antonio. It was really hot and I was so scared to go on most of the rides. After a lot of coaxing to go on one of the rides, I finally did and, I'm not going to lie, it was really fun. After 7 hours of watching shows and riding rides, we left and headed to our hotel. Since there are so many hotels with the same name and in the same area (I know right, crazy) we accidentally went to the wrong one. Finally, after the valet brought back our car after getting everything situated, (which,might I mention, there was an event happening at the time so everything was really busy)  we found the right one and checked in. The hotel was really pretty and sat right on the river walk. It was really cool. That night, we walked on the river walk and had some really good Mexican food. The next morning, we packed up our stuff and headed home. I had an amazing time and I hope I get to do it again sometime. I am so blessed to get to do stuff like that. The best part was that I got to spend it with my best friend. ♥



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