New Adventures

So, this past week was pretty amazing and I am so glad and grateful that I got to experience new things and create many more great memories. I thank God for these and the many other blessings that he has given us. I will keep and cherish these memories that I have made, forever.
To start my week off, on Tuesday, my mom and I headed to the airport at about 5am. Our flight was scheduled to board at 6:30 so by the time we got to our gate, we had about 20 minutes to spare. We got some coffee, boarded, and landed in Charlotte, NC about 3 hours later. (By the way, I have always wanted to go to North Carolina so that was really fun.) Our layover was about 30 minutes long so we then hopped on another plane with our destination being Atlanta, GA. An hour and a half later we landed and was greeted by some of our family. I had never flown before so that was something new. We also had taken a subway in the Atlanta airport (which I also had never done before.) In Atlanta, we visited my family and new baby cousin for the whole week. It was really fun and good that we got to go because we don't get to see them that often. While we were there, it snowed! I don't see snow that often and I have always loved it so that was really exciting. On Saturday, we flew home with another layover in Charlotte. My week was great and full of new adventures. I'm really happy that we did the things we did and that I got to experience new things. I can't wait to see what God has in store for the future and I can't wait to see what other new adventures I will be able to take. ♥



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