Spring Break 2016

Hello all! Long time, no see. I hope that everyone is doing well and I'm sorry for being gone so long but while I was away I was busy catching up on school work so now that I'm done with it, I am back!
I know that everyone's spring break isn't the same week but mine was this past week. I didn't do much: a little shopping, traveling, hanging out with friends and, most of the time, relaxing. One thing I did do a lot was binge watch Pretty Little Liars, haha. I think I went through a 25-episode season within last week......I know. The rest of the time I spent some time with my family and over the weekend, went to go see my best friend and did a little shopping while I was there. My week was good and full of much needed relaxation. I hope you also had a great week. I wanted to go ahead an update you all on what I have been up to and where I've been so here it is. Also, I'm trying to bring more/better content to you guys so expect that in the future. ♥

P.S: If you want to take a break and binge watch (I don't recommend 25 episodes) your favorite TV show, go for it. Who's stopping you? ;)



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