Christmas Wish List + Gift Idea Guide 2016

I know that I'm not the only one that knows what they want for Christmas during the year and then forgets what I had in mind when it comes to people actually asking me. Yes, I know you do it too.

I decided that this year I would write a post including some things on my Christmas wish list for not only me, but for your help too. I am hoping that it will possibly give y'all some ideas as to what to put on your wish list.

(Disclaimer: I know that I will not be receiving all of these things, these are just some ideas on my list. I also want to say that I will be very grateful for whatever I get and I am not trying to show off or do anything of that nature. Again, just some ideas.)

  • Nike Roshe One Shoes
I have been eye-ing these for a while now and I am in need of some new tennis shoes so these are one thing that's definitely at the top of my list.

  • The North Face Jacket
I know I am a little late with this craze but I really like the look of the black North Face jacket. It would also be great because I can wear it with anything.

  • Sunglasses
I have some old ones that are scratched and bent so a new pair would be great-I just haven't found my favorite yet.

  • Purse
My current one is tearing and small so I would really like a new one again-I just haven't found my favorite yet.

  • Makeup
Who doesn't like getting makeup?

  • Watch
I have also been wanting a rose gold watch (honestly, mainly for the look. I think they're really cute.).

  • Jewelry
I have been getting into liking more jewelry such as rings, earrings, and necklaces. That would be great if I received anything like these.

  • Perfume
When I was using Birchbox I found this scent I really like that I might add to my list. I believe it is called Sincerely by Harvey Prince.

  • Gift Cards
Gift Cards are also on my list from places like Victoria's Secret, Francesca's, and other clothing/makeup/beauty stores. They are a great gift because then I can decide on what I want.

Those are some of the things on my wish list this year, I hope you found it helpful. Leave a comment letting me know some of the things on your wish list. Also, be looking out for some of my other Christmas posts. I have some great ones planned. (; ♥



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