7 Days of Christmas Activities

Hello all! It will be Christmas in 7 days! I repeat, 7 days!! How is that even possible? I honestly haven't been hit with that realization yet. Anyways...

Today I have put together 7 days of Christmas activities (kind of like an advent calendar). I know that it is more popular to do 12 or even all 25 but for those of you like myself, who haven't realized how close the holidays actually are, these 7 days will work fine. These activities would be great things to do with your family or solo. I hope that you enjoy doing them if you decide in participating. ♥

1. Go on a Christmas lights tour
My family and I went to a famous street that had its own radio station that synced with the lights-it was so cool!

2. Watch Christmas movies
Of course!

3. Decorate gingerbread houses
Possibly make a contest out of it?

4. Go ice skating
I love ice skating! I hope that my family and I do this sometime this season.

5. Donate toys to charity
Or make cookies for first responders. Either way is a great idea and it also spreads Christmas cheer! Wow Maddie...

6. Bake/decorate cookies or other baked goods
You can't forget about the eating part. (;

7. Go to a Christmas concert or church service
My family does this every year with our church. We usually have a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day service. The kids also usually put together a little play.

"We love because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19



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