Free Ombre Watercolor Swash

Happy hump day! Hopefully your week has gone by well so far!

The other day I was messing around with my watercolor paint and had an idea to make swashes but not only that but to make them into graphics and share them with you all for FREE! I made a couple different ones and I really enjoy creating them and converting them to a graphic-I find it is really cool to be able to see them digitally. Today I will be sharing one of the swashes (that you may have already seen from a couple posts back) that I made but I plan to do more so be looking out for those in the future!

This graphic is free for personal use only. If you decide to distribute the files please just link back to this post and attribute credit to My life as Madalyn. Easy enough, right?

Below is the download link for the swash. Enjoy!

Click to download graphic.

Note: You can change the color of the graphic in Picmonkey. Just click the uploaded image and change the slider to your preferred color.



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