{Life Update: Illness, Packing, School}

Hey! Wow has it been a while. A lot of things have happened since the last time that I regularly posted on here. What started out as a few days off due to certain events, turned into a month+ long break from blogging and social media.

Now that I have gotten over a few things I feel like I can finally take the time to sit down and begin writing posts again. Overall, I think that this break was a good thing for me because it gave me time to rethink a few things and also allowed me to freely brainstorm some new and present ideas.

When I first started taking time off of regular blogging, I felt like my creativity wasn't as well, creative as it had been and I also was getting stressed with future events that were coming up. We have been in the process of moving soon and I had been really excited to the point that I had lost some interest in other things. I also had to finish up my school year and had to focus on testing and other academic deadlines that were coming up. The flu and pneumonia had also caught up with me so that had taken a couple weeks away from being productive. During this break it was a combination of these events and other little things that kept popping up and that is why I have been absent from the Internet recently.

I now have finished the school year (I'm coming for ya senior year), I am seemingly free of illnesses, and I am more than motivated to get back to blogging.

I still have some more things that are coming up, we are still in the process of our future move, and I might have to take a few days off from my regular schedule but I plan on posting at least once a week (if not back to my normal Sunday/Wednesday schedule). I am motivated to grow my blog and start some new projects, I have a list of future blog post ideas, and I am here to say that I am back. If you have stayed around during my absence thank you and I can't wait to continue in this journey. ♥



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