How to Get Into The Autumn Mood

Welcome back! I'm going to be sharing my second fall-related blog post of the year. If you want to catch up on my first one then you can here. Today, I am going to be talking about getting in to the "Autumn mood".

Coming from the south, it doesn't quite feel like fall yet and probably won't for a little while longer which got me thinking about other ways to get in to the "Autumn mood". If it doesn't feel like fall where you are or if you just want to find some more ways to celebrate the season then keep reading.

Who doesn't love candles? Especially fall scented ones! Cinnamon, pumpkin, apple- so many amazing smells! I actually just picked up a cinnamon apple cider candle and I am so excited to begin burning it. It will certainly put me in the mood for the season.

Decorate With Fall Decor
So this is a big one if you want to get in to the "Autumn mood". I already began picking up a few things before fall began and now I am in love with how my room feels. I am surrounded by leaves and pumpkins and I couldn't be happier. My mom and I also began decorating our front porch and foyer and I love it. We got some pumpkins, a wreath, some hay, and garland. If you decorate with fall decor you will have no other choice besides being constantly reminded that it is, in fact, fall.

Create An Autumn Playlist
I have seen a few different playlists for the season and thought that it was a great idea. If you do a simple search on Google or Spotify (which I personally use and recommend) I'm sure you will find a playlist that fits you. You could also always just create your own.

Watch Fall Movies
So, let's be honest, I spent 4 hours yesterday watching Hallmark fall movies. I mean I had to catch up on them. I love Hallmark movies and was so excited to hear that this year they are doing a series with 6 new fall movies called 'Fall Harvest'. Every Saturday they are releasing a new movie and you know that I have either recorded them or I plan on watching them. You could watch 'Fall Harvest', some of Hallmark's past fall movies, or watch another kind of fall related movie.

Go Do Autumn Activities
Cliche, I know, but a pumpkin patch, picnic, walks, apple-picking, corn maze, fall festival, hayride etc. would be so fun to do and is a great idea to get in to the "Autumn mood".

Cook Some Autumn Dishes
There are so many amazing foods during this time of the year and cooking them will not only put you  in to the "Autumn mood", it will also make your house smell amazing.

Do A Craft/DIY
Do you knit or sew? Or did you see a cute DIY project on Pinterest? You could take an afternoon to make a few crafts.

Fall Fashion
Even if it isn't cool outside that shouldn't stop you from getting to wear your favorite fall fashion pieces. You could just change the outfits to a cooler version like instead of wearing a long-sleeve you could wear a short-sleeve, instead of wearing knee-high boots you could wear ankle-high boots, etc.

If all else fails, you could just turn up the air conditioner and throw leaves around the house but I don't necessarily recommend that haha. If you found this post helpful or just enjoyed reading it then leave a comment down below and I would be happy to respond. Also, if you have anymore ideas on how to get in to the "Autumn mood" then feel free to share them in the comments as well! ♥



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