DaySpring Agenda Planner Review

Happy Wednesday! I've actually been wanting to write this post for a while now but am just now getting around to actually doing it. About 2-and-a-half months ago I bought my planner that I am currently using and I love it. I had my eyes on it for a little while so I was so happy when I actually got it. If you are looking for a good planner to use or if you just want to see what mine looks like then keep reading.

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The planner that I am currently using is the Agenda Planner from DaySpring. They have four different ones and I chose the flamingo. All of their designs are so cute that it took me a while to decide on which one I liked best, to be honest. I'm happy with my decision, though.

The planner is 18 months (July 2017-December 2018) which is really nice so I won't have to buy another one any time soon. The size of it is also really nice because it's not too big but is also comfortable to write in. Probably the thing that I love the most about it is that it includes bible verses throughout. If you are unfamiliar with DaySpring they are a Christian gift/decor store. I love the brand!

The planner has tabs on the sides that are really useful and also has many note pages and monthly/yearly overviews. It has a weekly layout for each day and includes a to-do list in the monthly view. I really like the amount of space there is to write. One of my favorite things about it though is that it comes with stickers for noting events. One page of the stickers is customizable so you can also create your own. In the very back, the planner also includes a folder that is really useful as well.

Lastly, I really love the spiral binding and the fact that the front and back are laminated. It makes it a lot sturdier and I don't have to worry about ripping it. 

If you want to read more about it then you can check it out on their website here. They also have add-ins such as stickers, washi tape, clips, and sticky notes that you can add to the planner. I might just have to look into that;)

If you are looking for a good planner than I highly suggest this one. It is a little pricey if you compare it to other places like Walmart or Target but to me, it is worth the price. Especially because it is 18-months.

As always, thank you for reading and I hope that you have a great rest of your day! ♥

Do you use a planner? If so, what kind? I would love to know!



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