November Goals

November is officially here! That means we are getting closer and closer to 2018. Wow. I wanted to create for myself some new goals to try to work towards before the year is officially up so today that is what I will be sharing with you all.

This past month I actually started my first job so a few of these goals have to do with that and a few of them are just personal goals. I know that I haven't really mentioned my new job before now but so far it is going pretty well and I am liking it. I am only doing part time so I actually am doing okay with everything that I am doing right now-time and stress wise-so that's good. I feel like I've been doing pretty well with getting the things I need to get done, done while also being able to do other things as well.

Here are my November goals:

Increase Bible-reading

Use my time more wisely

Make smarter financial choices

Read a good book

Don't be lazy

Blog regularly

Do a good deed

Continue in the holiday spirit

Be happy with the little things

Those are a few goals that I can think of right now but I can certainly see myself adding to the list. I am very excited for November and all it has to bring like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, family time, little trips, the holidays, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. 

What are your November goals and what are you excited about this month?



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