Christmas Room Decor

I have officially decorated for Christmas! I was a little bummed that I had to put up my fall decor but nevertheless still very excited for the Christmas decor. I went a little overboard this year considering I have two Christmas trees just in my room but more on that later...

Transitioning from fall to Christmas decor was pretty easy because I pretty much just changed all my fall things out for similar decor but with a Christmas theme. For example, I changed my fall banner out for a Christmas one and my fall flowers to Christmas flowers. I had a lot of fun decorating my room and I love how it turned out. This year was the first year that I really got to decorate a lot so I am so grateful that I was able to this year.

Keep reading to see how I transformed my room into a Christmas-ready environment.

I had so much fun picking out decor for this tree. Hobby Lobby had a whole wall of ornaments and things just for mini trees and I was loving it. And yes, the topper is backwards. I also put up two prints off of Pinterest and this picture from Target and laid silver garland (that lights up) around my bookshelf.

 On my dresser I put these red flowers and bouquet in the vase and also this fa-la-la-la-la decor that I absolutely love. I placed my advent calender next to it and also my frosted cranberry candle.

 Above my bed I hung up this wreath and tied a bow around it. My bow-tying skills are not perfect but I tried.

Just like my fall banner I had up, I put up a red and green plaid banner in the same place.

On my bed I changed out the pillow for this "In this house we believe" pillow. It's so cute.

This is where some of you might think it's extreme but yes I put up a 4-ft tree in my room and I'm very happy with my decision. I also put some more of the silver garland around my mirror. 

On my bulletin board I changed out some of the prints for Christmas ones that I also got off of Pinterest.

Lastly on my desk I added this mason jar that I think is the cutest and also laid some light-up jingle bell garland across it.

After taking these pictures I realized that I completely forgot to turn on all the different lights when taking them but that's ok, you can imagine it instead. Like I've said, I had a lot of fun shopping for the decor and had an even more fun time decorating my room. Do you decorate for the holidays? ♥



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