My Doordash Driver Review

Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday! I know that I haven't posted in a while but I have been so busy with my business that I haven't had enough time to sit down and write a post! We got new arrivals in so it has been taking up all of my time. You can see what we got here if you are interested.

Anyway, back to the topic of this post. If you don't know I recently became a driver for Doordash and asked y'all  via Instagram polls if y'all wanted a review of my experience thus far. 60% of you said yes so here I am sharing my review.

First, if you aren't already familiar, Doordash is an on-demand food delivery service that operates similarly as GrubHub, Uber Eats, Postmates, etc. Doordash has an app that customers can order their food on and then a driver (in this case me) will go to the restaurant, pick up the food that the customer ordered, and take it to their home or work.

At the time that I am writing this post, I have done 16 deliveries. So far I would give this job a 7 out of 10. Let me explain why...

I love (seriously love) how I can set my own schedule, the pay is decent for what I am doing, and I like that I can take a break from it whenever I want. The only con of it is the wear-and-tear on my car and that is a big deal to me. That's why I rated it the way I did. Sometimes the deliveries are a little farther away and when you are on a dash (a shift) you are driving a lot.

Regarding the schedule, you can schedule a dash up to a week in advance for as long as you want or you can simply 'dash now' when they need more delivery drivers at that moment. Peak delivery times are normally 11-2 and 5-9. I usually will just hop on and 'dash now' but I have scheduled  a dash in the past. This is definitely  something that I have liked is working when I want to work.

The pay is decent for what I am doing. Delivery drivers don't get the same salary as a doctor obviously so the money is decent for the job and the hours. I am going to be really transparent and go ahead and share how much I have made. After doing 16 deliveries, with a total of 11.52 hours, I have made about $156. If you divide that by the number of deliveries that is $9.75 per delivery. Hourly that comes out to be about $13.5 an hour.

The other thing that I really enjoy about being a Doordash driver is the flexibility of making my own schedule. I like how I can make some extra money when I want but I still have the time to do the other things that I want to do such as my business. I can hop on whenever and make some side cash.

Overall, I think being a Doordash driver is a decent side hustle. I do recommend it if you also want to make some side cash and want the flexibility of choosing your own hours. The only thing that I would have you think about is the wear on your car.

If you decide to be (or already are) a Doordash driver I would love to hear about your experience! Feel free to leave a comment below!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.



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