College Courses I'm Taking This Semester

Hey everyone! How has 2020 treated you so far? I hope well! I know my past month has been pretty busy with my new job and school starting back but it has been good nonetheless.

Speaking of school I realized I haven't shared with you all the courses that I am taking this semester. If you don't know, I am a sophomore at Austin Community College studying Communications. Every semester I try to write a post all about the courses that I am taking and basically what I expect from the new semester.

Well, I had originally planned on taking 16 credit hours again like I did last semester but since my new job, I decided that taking 12 would be a lot smarter right now. I will be taking a couple of classes this summer to catch up but I am happy with my decision thus far.

So, this semester I am taking four classes:

Intro to Psychology

U.S. Government

Dance Appreciation

Business and Professional Communication

Being a little into the semester now I can say that I am enjoying all of my classes. It is a little different only taking one course relating to my major compared to previous semesters but at the same time it is interesting to study other topics that I won't be going into in the future.

I am interested to see how the rest of the semester goes and am excited about being so close to finishing my Associate's degree! I've already had a lot of studying to do but the semester is already going by so quickly. ♥

Are you a college student? What courses are you taking this semester? How is it going? Let me know in the comments below!



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