Abide Daily Journal + Stickers Launch

I have been secretly creating the Abide Daily Journal over the past month and I’m so excited to say that it is officially launched and live on Adorned With Delight's (my business) website!

The Abide Daily Journal is a digital 90-day Christian living journal to encourage you and keep you organized during your time with the Lord. It is made to be used on a daily basis and includes daily journal pages, monthly reflections, sermon notes, 10 bonus resource pages, and digital stickers for decoration and added organization. The Abide Daily Journal is a digital download that includes 1 PDF journal and 1 PNG sticker file. This item is designed to be used with a tablet and stylus on a note-taking app in order to write on the PDF file.

Abide Daily Journal

90-day daily journal. Daily prompts include: inspirational quote, scripture memorization, gratitude, Bible study notes, journal entry, reflection questions, daily intention, prayer.

3 monthly reflections. Monthly prompts include: prayer, reflection questions, monthly intention.

15 sermon notes includes key points and bottom line.

10 bonus pages. Bonus pages include: prayer prompts, reflection questions, spiritual disciplines, Bible study guide, prayer guide, Biblical symbolism, attributes of God, timeline of scripture, books of the Bible, recommended resources.

5 notes pages for added study and reflection.

33 stickers for decoration and organization.

Additional information: this is a digital download – no item will be shipped, purchase of this item includes the PDF journal and PNG sticker images, this item is designed to be used on a note taking app on a tablet, to use this item you will need a tablet with a stylus to write on the PDF file, this item includes hyperlinks and was not created to be printed out.

I created this journal as a resource that would not only keep you organized in your time with the Lord but also encourage you in your walk with Him and get you excited to dive into His word and find His presence daily. Personally, I have always looked for a comprehensive resource to use for my daily quiet time but I have never been successful in my search. I would find myself jumping between different journals and notebooks since I couldn’t find a single resource with enough space or the right prompts to write everything that I wanted to. Since I never found a resource that worked well for me, I decided to create my own with the hopes that it would also bless others who are in the same boat that I was in.

When I was creating this journal, I did not want it to be something that I use occasionally but instead something that I would use on a daily basis. I wanted it to offer a space for daily study and prayer but also be something that I could bring with me to church and coffee dates with friends. That is why you will not only find daily journal pages but also many resources to encourage you in your daily life.

Inside you will find:
  • 90 Daily Journal Pages
    • Inspirational Quotes
    • Scripture Memorization
    • Gratitude
    • Bible Study Notes
    • Journal Entry
    • Reflection Questions
    • Daily Intention
    • Prayer
  • 3 Monthly Reflections
    • Reflection Questions
    • Monthly Intention
    • Prayer
  • 15 Sermon Notes
    • Key Points
    • Bottom Line
  • 10 Bonus Pages
    • Prayer Prompts
    • Reflection Questions
    • Spiritual Disciplines
    • Bible Study Guide
    • Prayer Guide
    • Biblical Symbolism
    • Attributes of God
    • Timeline of Scripture
    • Books of the Bible
    • Recommended Resources
  • 5 Notes Pages
  • 33 Stickers

You may be wondering why I chose the word “abide” for the title of this journal and what the logo symbolizes. Well, the word “abide” means to accept or act in accordance with, which is what I want to do as I follow God. I want to accept His authority and act in accordance with what His Word says. So, the Abide Daily Journal is a place to go when you want to go to Him and listen to what He says. In other words, where you sit with Him and abide in His presence.

/əˈbīd/ verb
accept or act in accordance with (a rule, decision, or recommendation).

I wanted the logo of the journal to reflect abiding in His presence so I created it as a visual reminder of being under but near to, God. The circle is meant to represent us as His creation and the line going above it is meant to represent God and His power and authority over us. We are under His care and protection and can find comfort, peace, and wholeness when we submit to Him.

My main goal with this journal is that it would be an encouragement to people as they grow closer to the Lord in their walk with Him and see their lives transformed as they come into His presence on a daily basis. If you want to add this journal to your daily routine you can find the Abide Daily Journal here.

Have you purchased the Abide Daily Journal? Let me know about your experience with it in the comments! ♥



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