2021 Recap

2021 has been quite the year and it has come to a close. Before the new year begins with more activities and milestones ahead, here is a look back at what 2021 had in store. It was definitely one of my most eventful years to date and it was a good year overall.

Madalyn standing in between two llamas with bring Cinco de Mayo colored accessories.
The adorable alpacas at the Cinco de Mayo fair.

In January I watched the Passion conference which ended on New Years Day, started school online at Texas State University, and it snowed a little bit one day.

In February we had a big snow storm that left us (and most of Texas) without water and electricity for a while. It was an adventure for sure.

In March my friends and I went to the This Is Mesmerize art gallery in Austin, I watched the IF:Gathering conference online, I began writing monthly letters for the women's ministry at my church, and my family and I went on a canoe and kayaking trip for a day.

April consisted of my 21st birthday(!) with a weekend long party and trying out a bunch of new places, my mom and I went to a Danny Gokey concert, I started co-leading the young adult Bible study at church, and my friends and I went to a speaking event with Jamie Ivey.

My spring semester ended, I got my second ear piercings, I went to the San Antonio Botanical Garden, and went to a fair with alpacas (which were very cute) and booths to shop for Cinco de Mayo.

In June, summer classes and the Delight (a campus women's ministry) summer series began, I hosted a promotion party for a friend, traveled to our hometown in east Texas and Lousiana for our family reunion, and celebrated my 6th blogiversary!

I went to a music festival with friends, began volunterring in children's church, launched the Abide Daily Journal, took a trip to Corsicana, Texas for my uncle's birthday, and celebrated the 4th of July at a concert and festival with family.

In August my summer classes ended, we took a family trip to Corpus Christi, I went floating a few times with family and friends, I went to a concert with a bunch of Christian artists, my fall semester began which was my first semester in-person at Texas State, I did a fun photoshoot with the Delight leadership team, and moved my brother into college.

September consisted of the Delight kickoff, a recruitment meeting with a sorority (that I later decided not to join), a fall kickoff event at church, meetings to update a business's website, football season opened, a trip to Waco, and a virtual For The Girl (another women's ministry) event.

In October I began mentoring a girl from church, went to my school's dean's list reception, redid my room with a new bed and decor, took a trip to the Waco zoo, and went to Pumpkin Nights with friends.

I went to an on-campus worship night called United, saw the C.S. Lewis movie about his life, had several Thanksgiving dinners, hosted Friendsgiving, and took a trip to our hometown again.

In December my fall semester ended, I closed my online store Adorned With Delight, went to several Christmas parties, saw the light show at Mozart's coffee roasters in Austin, took another trip to Waco, saw the movie Encanto, went to several Christmas festivals and events and looked at many Christmas lights, visited the Fredericksburg trade days, went to a farm with Christmas activities, had several Christmas get-togethers with family and friends, spent an evening in Gruene, Texas with a friend, attended the Christmas Eve service at church, took a trip to Silver Dollar City and Wonders of Wildlife in Missouri, and hung out with friends on New Years Eve.

In addition to the things listed above, throughout the year I also celebrated many birthdays, had many fun girl's nights, booked several photo sessions, went out on dates with girlfriends, attended several football games, went to many church events, and crafted a good bit. This year has been a year filled with good and not so good things but all in all it was a great year and I'm thankful for where I am today and the opportunities that I have had this year. I'm looking forward to 2022 and what it will have in store!

What did your 2021 consist of? Let me know in the comments below! ♥

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