2022 Recap

What a year. I knew that it was going to be a big year with college graduation and other milestones. 2022 has been a year to remember with so many moments I will carry with me forever. I don't quite know what 2023 will have in store yet but the possibilities are open. I am entering the new year with my hands open to what God has planned for me and I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen.

Madalyn holding graduation cap on the Texas State University campus.
In January I traveled to my hometown in east Texas to celebrate Christmas with some of my family, our church small group started back up for the year, I celebrated a couple friends' and my brother's birthdays, started my senior year of college, spent a weekend out at Canyon Lake, and got together with several friends throughout the month.

In February the Delight Ministries chapter at Texas State had its kickoff for the semester, I started mentoring a girl in youth at church, I celebrated Galentines with some friends, saw a performance of The Great Gatsby, took a weekend trip to Dallas with a friend for a For The Girl tour stop and Magnolia in Waco. I also hosted a friend's baby shower, went to a Matt Kearney concert at ACL Live, and attended a young adult series at my friend's church.

In March I ordered my class ring, had a farewell party for a couple of our small group friends, watched IF: Gathering, went to a Phil Wickham concert, traveled back to east Texas, went to a Delight blanket-making and smores event, and had a pool party with some friends.

April consisted of a friend's birthday party, celebrating my 22nd birthday with family and friends, another trip to Waco, an unveiling on campus of a photo I took, a United worship event on campus, a dessert and dancing Delight event, and I applied and was accepted to be a Delight leader for the Fall 2022 semester.

In May I took a trip to Fredericksburg, had our first Delight leader meeting, went to a baseball game, finished the college semester, got my class ring at the Spring Ring Celebration, met with my church's youth leader about volunteering again, spent a day in Wimberley with a friend, visited my grandparents, went to a pool party for a friend, volunteered with kids church, went to dinner for another friend's birthday, had a high school graduation party for my brother, and went to a concert and market event with a friend in San Marcos.

In June I traveled to Louisiana for our family reunion, went to Colorado for a week as a youth sponsor, and hung out with a friend in Gruene.

In July I traveled to east Texas for my grandparent's surprise anniversary party, celebrated the 4th of July with family and friends, floated the river, went to a worship night, attended a housewarming party, started an online Delight weekly summer series, and entered into a new relationship. (:

In August, I attended an online leader training, visited my grandparents, traveled to the Texas coast for a graduation and to meet my boyfriend's family, went to a housewarming party, flew out to North Carolina for the Delight Leadership conference, went to a quinceanera, started my last semester of college, and applied for graduation. 

In September I celebrated my brother's 21st birthday, we had our Delight kickoff, went to San Antonio, celebrated my boyfriend's birthday, had a family dinner, hung out with friends several times, had a girl's Speed Delighting event with Delight and a charcuterie night with the leadership team, and attended a party.

In October I went to Delight's river cleanup event, carved pumpkins, spent a weekend in Corpus Christi going to a gender reveal party on the beach, the Texas State Aquarium, and hung with my boyfriend and some of his friends, had a dinner meeting with our Delight Regional Director, had a costume and game night event with Delight, shot my first wedding as a photographer, went on a double date, received the Delight Daily devotional that I had been published in, and took a trip to a farm in Bastrop.

In November I had my graduation pictures taken, started helping a local business with its website, attended the Delight pajama and movie Friendsgiving, went to the campus United worship night, went to another Friendsgiving, went to San Antonio for a grad shoot, went on a double date, had our last Delight meeting, had a celebration and farewell dinner with Delight, and traveled to east Texas for Thanksgiving.

In December I attended my last college class, had a game night with our small group, went to a Christmas party, and live nativity, finished my last finals and last semester of college, graduated college, celebrated with friends and family, had my graduation party, attended a youth girls Christmas party, went to Johnson City with a friend to see the Christmas lights and get dinner, had a cookie exchange and went to the Austin Trail of Lights with our small group, went to see lights with family, had a gift exchange brunch with some girlfriends, took a quick trip to San Antonio, had a movie and cocoa night, traveled to the Texas coast for Christmas with my boyfriend's family, celebrated Christmas with my family, and I plan on celebrating New Years with family and friends.

Throughout the year I also had several photoshoots, hung out with friends many times, saw several movies, and attended small group and church events, among other things. This year was filled with so many blessings and I am very thankful for what the year brought. As I think back on what the year consisted of, I am in awe of what He has done and continues to do in and through me each and every year. 2022 was a year to remember and I am expectant that 2023 will be the same.

What did 2022 look like for you? Let me know in the comments below! ♥



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