A Post-Grad Prayer

Dear God,

The time has come to complete my studies that have filled so much of my life these past four years.

You have been present with me throughout all of the times in class, working on assignments, and meeting new people and I know that You will continue to be with me going forward.

These past four years in college have been a time of so much growth and Your blessings have overflowed abundantly. I have made so many memories and learned so much that I will cherish forever.

I know that You brought me through these times with a purpose and I will forever be grateful for the opportunities I was met with.

Your Presence goes before me as I enter this new season that is filled with wonder and excitement to see what You have in store.

I thank You for this time in my life and I am expectant for what is to come.

I have a feeling that this next season of life will include big changes but I also know that they will be good and will be used for Your glory.

I ask that during the times that I am faced with unknowns You would direct my attention back to You as I abide in You and Your loving arms.

May Your will be done in all things and may my life be in service to You alone. Direct my steps as I walk on Your path and renew me day by day.

I love you and praise You for You alone are worthy of all my worship. Thank You for who You are and what You have done for me.

I pray all these things in Jesus's name, 

Amen. ♥



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