My past week

Okay, so it hasn't been a month since I last updated you guys but, it might as well be-it has been a while. Trust me, there have been multiple days where I got on here and was ready to post, but, my mind went blank. Anyway, enough with the excuses, I am here with a new post.
To tell you the truth, I don't really know what this is going to be about, but, I'm just gonna wing it since I owe you guys from being gone. So, I guess I will just tell you how my week went. To start it off, last Monday I had a dentist appointment (all good news there) and then Tuesday and Wednesday I just stayed home and did schooling-fun right? On Thursday, I went to have breakfast with my grandpa and then went to their house because they were doing a fire drill at our apartments and I did not want to be there because it is so loud. That evening, one of my brothers had a band concert so we went to that. On Friday, I found out that they hadn't done our building yet for the fire drill, so I had to sit through that. That-was not fun, my ears were ringing for the rest of the day. On Saturday, I did school because I had not done it for Thursday or Friday and then my mom and I went to go see Woodlawn ,which was really good. (If you have the chance to go see it, you should.) Finally, yesterday, Sunday, my mom was sick so we couldn't go to church because we had no one to take us since my dad has to get there early. So, we stayed home and for the rest of the day I watched Downton Abbey (yes, I watch that.) Overall, it wasn't too bad of a week. I know that a lot of people would be happy to have a week like I did, so I am very thankful. This might not have been interesting, but at least I posted. That's pretty much all I wanted to say so I hope you have a great rest of the day. (see what I did there,hehe) ♥



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