Hello wonderful people! I'm back!

Sorry that I have been gone for so long, but the truth is, nothing has really been happening in my life recently. This post is not going to be that interesting either but at least you know I am alive and doing well. Since there are several updates that I need to mention I went ahead and put them in a list for your convenience.

  • Blog design: As you probably have noticed, I am currently experimenting with how I want it to look so just a heads up that it will probably be changing. I like how it looks and then I want to change it so bear with me as I decide how I want it.

  • Blog content: What kind of content would you like me to post on here? Or, would you like me to continue how I am? Leave a comment on what you think I should do. I am thinking of adding a few things but I'm not telling exactly what yet.  ;) 

  • Camera: Does anyone know of a good camera with a reasonable price? I have been looking for a while and your comments would be greatly appreciated.

  • Stay up to date: As you can tell, I am not the best at updating this as much as I should (I'll get there) but if you want to keep up with me more often, I am a lot more active on my social medias.

Well, I thought I had more to update you guys on but, I guess that's all. Until next time (hopefully it won't be next month) ♥



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