Don't count the days. Make the days count.

This quote holds a lot of meaning. But, not only that, it has an important meaning. Sometimes, we are looking forward to something but might be dreading the days/moments prior because we are just so focused on what's to come but not really focused on what's happening then. Instead of going through the days as "just another day" this quote reminds us to live each day as an important one and to get every moment out of each, as possible.

I could definitely take this into account. I should live every moment as a brand new opportunity. I take things for granted too much.

Speaking of opportunities, I have a blog post all about opportunities that you can read here. That post was written over a year ago but it is still credible with this topic so you can check that out if you want.

In summary, please don't take things for granted-please. I find myself reminding myself that all of the time and I can't stress it enough but I should still try to work on it. In any moment, simply reminding yourself and saying "Hey, remember this; realize what you are experiencing right now." You never know when you might want that memory again. ♥



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