Huge Announcement!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your day has been (and continues to be) a fabulous one. Today I am sharing with you all a huge announcement!I'm sure you have already figured it out but the announcement is...

My blog name and URL have changed! Now I know what you're thinking-"really...again?" Yes, I know I am a very indecisive person but I think that this one will stay for a while. It has gone from "My life as Maddie" ( to "My life as Madalyn" (

This post was mainly a reminder and notice of the change and also a notice that on December 7, 2016   you will have to use in order to visit my blog. Until that day, is being forwarded to the current address for your convenience and also so that you will have time to adjust to this change.

Why did I change it? Honestly, I don't really know. I mean, I do but I don't, haha. I just didn't really like that name anymore since,'s not really my name. (It is my nickname for those of you that are confused.) I thought that it would be easier to have one name across all of my platforms (social media and all).

Now, knowing me I'm sure it will change sometime in the future, and it might not, but we will just have to see. If I do change it again I will be sure to notify all of y'all. Until then, welcome to My life as Madalyn (formerly known as My life as Maddie). ♥



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