November Goals 2016

It's November?!! That is insane. January feels like it was yesterday yet next January is less than 2 months away! Wow.

For this month I wanted to start it off a little differently so I decided it would be a good idea if I shared my November goals with you all. Now I usually don't set goals on paper that I intend on sticking to (well, at least not every month) but I thought this month would be a good time to finally do just that. So, here are my goals for November 2016.

  • Post twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday)

I don't know if you all have noticed but I have recently been trying to post as much as I can. Specifically, every Wednesday and Sunday. Do you like it? I will be attempting to follow this schedule for the whole month of November and, considering how busy this month is going to be, we'll see how it goes.

  • At least 2 Instagram posts

I know 2 doesn't sound like a lot but for me, it is. I hope I really reach this goal. I love photography and taking pictures and just Instagram in general but I always seem to be short of photos to post. I plan on taking more whenever I can and posting them more regularly.

  • Plan more future posts and goals 

I have a tendency to not write things down, I wish I did. I will come up with ideas and goals but will forget them when it comes time to use them so I always get stuck on what I had thought of in the past. If I write down my future goals and ideas, maybe it will make things a lot easier.

  • Get stuff done

My days go by so fast. I never get as much done as I would like to so for the month of November, I will try to complete as many things as possible to actually feel accomplished and to hopefully get the most out of every day as possible.

Those are my goals for the month of November. What are some of your goals for November? Any long-term goals? Leave them in the comments, I would love to know. ♥

"My eyes are always on the Lord, for He rescues me from the traps of my enemies." Psalms 25:15



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