{Life Update: Moving, Traveling, Tiredness}

Happy Sunday! I hope you all are having or have had a great day! Since so much has happened this past week I did not have time to put together a blog post so I decided that a life update would be good to do.

This past week my family and I finally moved into our new house so right now my life consists of boxes, boxes, and more boxes. We have been moving more stuff every day and it is hot where I live so it has been a long, tiring week. I haven't gotten a lot of sleep due to our busy schedule and the new place and yesterday, I had to get up at 4am because we had to go to and from a 7 hour trip in one day.

Even though this week has been a long and tiring one, it hasn't been all that bad. I mean, I am so thankful that we finally get to be in our new place and that I get to do something that I normally don't do. Even though it's not over, I am excited to see how the weeks continue to fold out.

How was your week?



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