The Future Of Design

The future of design. A broad concept that will certainly make you think. Wait, can you think? Do you have an imagination? Are you able to put things together within your head that 'look good' or 'go together'? If so, then you have the power to design.

Now I know the idea of design can mean different things for different people but I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I think universally we can agree that yes design changes but it doesn't. Maybe that wasn't the right way to say it. A better way would be by saying yes design changes but the concept of design does not.

Over time people change, a lot. New things happen, new people come around, and new innovations and ideas are born. Design changes as well. Remember how I asked you if you had an imagination? Well, to be honest, most people do. Since most people do, in fact, have an imagination then well most people have the power to design. If you were to ask someone to imagine something and then do the same to another person than I doubt that those two people would have come up with similar things. That's just how it is. We are all different. We all imagine things differently and we all design things differently.

That is how I see the future of design. Frankly, just the way it is. A concept that does not conform to conformity. As things change, so will design. It always will. But, as I was saying, I do think that it heavily relies on what is happening at the time. As new experiences, events, innovations, and ideas form, design will reflect that by proving that new times and events do change people and that changed people have changed imaginations which leads to changed design.

In other words new influences change people which changes their imagination which changes design. Make sense? I also think that what you import is what you will export. What you are around and what you are allowing to influence you will influence what you do or think. Considering we all are around different things and see different things everyday, none of us will have the same ideas. We will never see design the same.

To summarize, a good rule of thumb to predict the future of design is this question "What is changing around us?" That, my friends, is what the future of design looks like and will always look like. Change. ♥

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