30 Day Fitness Challenge

Hey hey! It's my first fitness post! Who would have thought I would do one? Well I have been trying to make some healthy choices in my life right now and have found a new interest in fitness so after finding a fitness challenge on Pinterest I thought I would share it with you! It was actually shared with me but maybe some of y'all would like to try it out so here it is. There are two portions to it that you could do together or independently. I'll include both of them into one to make it easier.

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness professional nor do I know your fitness circumstances so please consult a pro before embarking on the exercises. Participate at your own risk.

Day 1: 50 squats/20 sec plank
Day 2: 55 squats/20 sec plank
Day 3: 60 squats/30 sec plank
Day 4: rest/30 sec plank
Day 5: 70 squats/40 sec plank
Day 6: 75 squats/rest
Day 7: 80 squats/45 sec plank
Day 8: rest/45 sec plank
Day 9: 100 squats/1 min plank
Day 10: 105 squats/1 min plank
Day 11: 110 squats/1 min plank
Day 12: rest/1.5 min plank
Day 13: 130 squats/rest
Day 14: 135 squats/1.5 min plank
Day 15: 140 squats/1.5 min plank
Day 16: rest/2 min plank
Day 17: 150 squats/2 min plank
Day 18: 155 squats/2.5 min plank
Day 19: 160 squats/rest
Day 20: rest/2.5 min plank
Day 21: 180 squats/2.5 min plank
Day 22: 185 squats/3 min plank
Day 23: 190 squats/3 min plank
Day 24: rest/3.5 min plank
Day 25: 220 squats/3.5 min plank
Day 26: 225 squats/rest
Day 27: 230 squats/4 min plank
Day 28: rest/4 min plank
Day 29: 240 squats/4.5 min plank
Day 30: 250 squats/5 min plank

If you decide to do the challenge I would love to know how you're doing! Tweet me with updates and we can do it together! Good luck! ♥



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