Announcing My Secret Project!

Hey hey hey! How are y'all? Good? Good. So if you have been following recently then you would have heard that I have been working on a "secret project" for some time now. Well, since the finish line is now in sight and now that I have done more work on it I decided that I will finally announce to you all what it is.

First, a little back story... this idea (and many more) has been in my head for a good time now (try years). About this time last year I really started to do in-depth research into how I should go about implementing it. I spent a long time figuring it all out and spent some late nights typing away at my computer. I have had so many ideas that I wanted to do and I was so excited to begin working on one.

Fast forward to today and here I am. Tying up some loose ends, finishing up some legal stuff, and working on the design and products.

So, if you haven't guessed by now I am opening an online store!! Yes you read that right. I have always dreamt of opening my own business and now I finally am getting the chance too.

Now that you know what it is I'll go ahead and share some info about it. Probably a really important (if not the most important) piece of information that y'all would want to know is the store name. It is going to be Adorned With Delight. We'll be carrying many different categories of items but you can count on things like home decor, jewelry, accessories and so much more.

When will it be launching you might ask! Well, Lord-willing all goes well then our doors should be open in a few months. No exact date is set in stone yet but that brings me to my next point. How can you keep updated with what's going on? Great question. We actually have a Facebook page and an Instagram. Feel free to follow on there and we will be updating you all on what's been going on with the set-up. You can also go to the site here and sign up for emails to be notified of when we launch!

You have no idea how excited I am for this journey and I am so excited to see how the Lord uses this as a point to Him. I have had the "entrepreneurial mindset" (if that's what you want to call it) since when I was around 14 and I have had a ton of ideas that I had wanted to start. Now one is happening and I am really excited to have y'all along on the journey. I hope y'all are excited too.

Lastly I wanted to say that I would really appreciate any prayers of sanity and also of keeping the real reason in view. I truly want to point to His name with this brand. Thank you. ♥



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