{Life Update: Graduation, Family Time, Business Launched}

Whoa. I finally have a moment to sit down and write a post. This past month has been crazy full but I am not complaining because some great memories have been made. Milestones have been surpassed and the summer festivities have begun.

To first catch you up, the last time I posted was May 16. Ever since that day it has been nonstop activities and events but it has been a great time that I haven't had in a while. So many things have happened that, now that I can slow down, I'm not sure I want to haha.

The early part of May had been taken over with trying to finish up my classes in school which brings me to my first event which was my last day of high school. May 18 was my last day of senior year which means it was my last day of high school. It honestly hasn't hit me yet that I am actually done. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my story of the day that I finished. To see that ratio of classes say 100% felt amazing.

May 19 was a big one. I launched the business Adorned With Delight at 10am CST. There wasn't a flood of orders that came in that day but it was a great feeling getting those last minute things checked off of my to-do list and knowing that we were finally live and ready for business. That is another thing that seems surreal. I am only 18 and I already own a business. My family and I also traveled to a historic state park and went to look at Texas A&M's campus.

May 20 was Senior Sunday at our church where all graduates have a display board of pictures from us growing up and its where we go up on stage and the congregation gives us a gift and prays over the next chapter of our life. I had a lot of fun putting together my board of pictures and laughing over some good memories.

That next Friday, May 25, my family and I traveled back to our hometown to cheer on my best friend as she walked across the stage and graduated. We stayed the weekend up there and I went to her graduation party that Saturday. It was so fun getting to go and I am so happy that I was able to. I know that I will keep those memories forever.

On Memorial Day, the 28th, we traveled down to San Antonio and went to the Memorial Day concert put on by the Air Force band. It was fun and they were really good.

June 2 was the day that my parents surprised me with my graduation present-a kitten. She is so cute and her name is Lila. Our other cat Cosmo wasn't too happy about it but they are becoming friends now lol. If you know anything about me you would know that I love cats so I was so happy.

On June 3, right after church we traveled down to Houston for my graduation. My family and best friend got to go down too and we had a little pre-graduation party at dinner. I still can't believe that I am done with high school and that I actually walked across the stage after thinking about it all of these years. It all went well and we got home late that night but it was a great day that I know I will talk about in the future.

June 5 was one of my best friends birthdays and June 7 was my moms birthday. Even though I didn't get to celebrate with my friend I am glad that I got to do so with my mom.

On the 8th we got up early to head to Louisiana for our family reunion. We stayed that whole weekend and headed back home on the 11th which was also my cousins birthday and the day that my other aunt and cousin came down to stay for a few days. Some of our family from the reunion also came back with us to see us later that week. I always love our family reunion and have a great time with everyone since we don't get to see each other very often. We always make some good memories.

This past Tuesday and Wednesday (the 12th and 13th) we went shopping and hung out while my aunt and cousin were visiting. We also hung out with my other aunt and uncle and cousins that had come back from the reunion. It was nice to see them and we had a fun time.

Lastly, the 14th, before my cousins left we all went tubing on the river and hung out with them for the rest of the day which was so much fun. Even though we have lived in this area for a while now we had never gone tubing before. Now that we have done it I'm sure it will be more often that we go.

This month has been a blast and truly a lot of fun. Even though we are all tired from nonstop activities I can't wait to see what He has in store for our future. I am already getting ready for our next adventure.

These next few weeks won't be as busy as this past month has been but I do have some exciting things coming up (such as the 3 year blogiversary of this blog!). I wasn't expecting this summer to be this busy already but I am so happy about it and happy to see what this summer brings. ♥

Have you had a busy schedule recently? Do you have any summer plans?



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