College Courses I'm Taking This Semester

I am in my first semester of sophomore year as a college student (actually a few credits behind so actually still a freshman but time-wise a sophomore). What's crazy is that the semester is already almost halfway over!? Whether you are a college student yourself or will be soon and want to learn about what kind of courses to possibly expect, these are the courses that I am taking as a communications major.

I am taking 16 credit hours this semester with a total of 5 classes (1 online). I have a Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday schedule so I go to two classes every day Monday-Thursday (I have Friday's off whoop whoop!).

Intro to Environmental Science

Contemporary Math

Intro to Mass Communication

Interpersonal Communication

American Sign Language 1

My calendar has been completely busy and taking 16 hours is a lot but these classes have actually been enjoyable (even the math and science believe it or not)! I want to get level 1 certified in ASL too so I have really enjoyed that class as well!

If you are in college or will be in the future what are you studying or want to study? Have you ever taken these classes before? Let me know down below!



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