My Quarantine Routine

How are you doing being stuck safe inside? I honestly don't even know how long it has been since I first stayed inside. I think this makes week 5 for me? Anyway, the first couple of weeks that I was inside I was fine with not have a routine/schedule. I was content with going to bed and waking up whenever, eating on a weird schedule, and sometimes sitting in bed way too long. /: But, as the weeks went on and I began to slack on doing the things that I needed to do (such as schoolwork) and I began to realize how I could be taking care of myself better when it came to sleep and eating habits, I challenged myself to start sticking to a schedule (a loose one might I add).

Ever since I have created a little more structure each day I have found my days to be more productive and my mood to be improved. Getting ready some days, eating well, working out, sleeping right, and setting aside focus time for work has helped me to feel better overall and keeps me focused on the tasks at hand.

Before I go on though I wanted to include a little disclaimer that I do not think following a schedule closely or staying busy is, or should be, your source of contentment or happiness. Rest is important and I have been so thankful for the slower pace recently as I'm sure we all are, at least to some degree. No amount of tasks completed, calories counted, or time spent following a schedule will fill the void of uncertainty or ease anxieties during times like these. If you're looking for true rest and hope during this time then His name is Jesus. If you don't know Him personally then email me and I would be ecstatic to talk to you about Him. (:

That being said, I do not follow the following routine to a tee nor do I stick to it every day. I also didn't sit down and figure this out in one day but instead just began to see a similar routine occur across many days. To be honest with you, sometimes my days look nothing like this, and others look more closely like it. In fact, weekends usually look completely different! This routine has just helped me to find motivation and has been a source of daily accountability for me.

So, to finally get to the reason you all are reading, here is my (general) quarantine routine:

9am (sometimes 8): I usually set my alarm for 9am though sometimes I will get up earlier. Once I scroll through social media, check my email (respond if needed), and maybe watch a couple YT videos, I will get up and eat breakfast. Then I will do my Bible reading for the day. This month I have been following along with @christiangirls April reading plan on IG (not sponsored I just genuinely like it!). Then I'll usually read a book (currently Radical by David Platt), make my bed, open my windows (cause ya know, a little sunshine goes a long way), and get ready (the extent to which I get ready depends on whether I have Zoom calls that day, to be honest).

10am: I try to start working an hour after I wake up and that usually means starting on one of my classes (out of the four). The specific class depends on if I have something due that day but I usually like to change up which one I start with. After one hour with one class, I'll usually start on another one and then stop for lunch or join my Zoom class. On Sundays, our church service goes live at 11am.

12pm: On Mondays and Wednesdays I have my Dance Appreciation Zoom class that I am on until 1:20pm. Other days I will eat lunch at this time and take a break with a TV show, book, or my phone.

1pm: Then I will start working on my third class of the day for an hour.

2pm: At this time I will work on my fourth class.

3pm: Whatever class(es) I still need to work on I will try to finish within an hour.

4pm: If I am done with my classes for the day I will then take about an hour to work on my blog or business. Sometimes that means creating social media posts, responding to emails, creating email campaigns and graphics, or other tasks that need to be completed.

5pm: New for me, this month I have been working out every single day following along with Blogilates April workout calendar (again not sponsored). Each day is about 45 minutes to an hour so I'll usually change, get out my mat, and struggle for the hour (jk but not really haha). On Wednesdays, I have a Bible study at 5:30pm.

6pm: By this time my family and I usually have dinner, chat, and catch up with our days, or play a game. I also like to go sit outside with our cats. On Wednesdays, I catch up with our small group at 7pm.

8pm: I'll try to get ready for bed at 8pm, though sometimes it will be a lot later. On Fridays, I also like to have "spa nights" and relax a little.

9pm: At 9pm I like to finish up on school or work if needed and then have free time with a TV show, hobby, book, YT, or a movie.

11pm-12am: Lastly, I try (keyword: try) to go to sleep at 11pm or 12am.

On the weekends, I will usually just stick to my morning routine and workout and then use the rest of the time to work on my blog or business, read, watch TV or a movie, work on a hobby, clean, hang out outside, or even drive around sometimes.

How many weeks have you been inside? Do you have a schedule that you like to stick to? If so, what does that look like for you? Leave a comment below! ♥



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