Top 5 Favorite Apps That Boost Productivity

Life can get busy. With so many tasks to complete and things to remember, your schedule can quickly become complicated. I have always enjoyed looking for ways to simplify my life and one thing that I have found to be helpful is productivity apps.

Since we can all use a little less stress in our lives and a little more organization, today I am sharing with you my top 5 favorite apps that boost productivity. Each one of these apps has been personally used by me and found to be helpful.

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  1. LastPass - LastPass has been a true game-changer. If you are unfamiliar with the app, it is basically a vault for all of your passwords, credit card numbers, secure notes, and more. Instead of trying to remember tons of different passwords and other important info, you just have to remember one "master password". The really cool part of the app is the autofill feature so you never have to type in another password again. It really has saved me a lot of time and, yes, it is secure. 
  2. Notability - You may know about Notability but if you don't, it is used for note-taking and annotation. You can create different notebooks, use different writing tools, collaborate with others, add audio, and, my favorite tool, handwrite your notes. I use this app a lot for taking notes in class with my Apple Pencil and iPad. If you want to know how I do that, you can read my blog post titled How I Take Notes On My IPad. I like how this app makes it easy to have everything on your device and also saves paper.
  3. Glip by RingCentral - I use this app for my business Adorned With Delight. I have a brand ambassador team and this app makes it really easy to communicate with everyone. I can even video chat the team, send files, set up calendars, and add tasks. It sends notifications so it's easy to stay up-to-date with everyone and makes communication a lot faster and more organized.
  4. Fabulous - I actually came across this app pretty recently and have found it to be challenging but in a good way. It sets goals and reminders for you to improve your daily schedule such as drinking water, taking a screen break, and exercising every day. It also gives you helpful graphics for setting good habits.
  5. Grammarly - I do a lot of digital writing. Whether it's for my blog, businesses, or school, I always use Grammarly to check and improve my writing. It's nice to have an online writing assistant at all times to check my work.
I definitely have many more apps that I could have added to this list so let me know if you would like to see more and maybe I will do another post. I also have a lot of business-related apps that I enjoy using so you may be seeing that post soon. That's all for today! Feel free to answer the questions below in the comments section! ♥

Have you used these apps before? What apps are on your favorite list?

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